Recent Thoughts, Discoveries & Personal Observations
  1. Resolutions

    Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve your mental health? Are you still facing the same stress, fatigue, and isolation, despite the promise of a fresh start? As January comes to a close, and we continue our path forward into 2018, we are often reminded of the hurdles that habitually get in the…

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  2. Setting the Past Free

    Do you find yourself fixating on the past? Do you replay conversations? Is your internal dialogue beating you down? Are you noticing a negative impact on your mood? You can change repetitive thought patterns related to the past, and be more focused on the present and future. If you have already recognized how persistent thoughts…

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  3. The Journey Back

    The journey back from isolation is absolutely possible. Whether you are missing a friend, have lost a loved one, or are feeling generally disconnected, there are habits you can create to help you feel less lonely. Begin by showing up. Often when you’re feeling lonely, your instinct is to disengage. It may feel uncomfortable, but…

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