• If you don’t feel as strong as you usually do, if you are struggling to make decisions, that may be a sign that you could benefit from private therapy. You can build the inner strength to grow and bloom!

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Most people are familiar with the “old-school analysis” type of therapy in which a patient spends years on the couch, dwelling on the past. In my practice, I work on current life issues that you are dealing with day-to-day.

Through our private conversations, I listen carefully, I help you identify the issues that seem to be holding you back, and I provide support as you gain a stronger foothold on your path through life.

Entering the Therapy Process

Problems are like snowflakes and fingerprints—no two are the same. Each person experiences life and the issues that pop up in a unique way. But in the many years that I have been helping people with many different issues, I have found that there is a common process that takes place as patients go through therapy. It goes something like this:
You are having trouble dealing with a certain issue. You have tried handling it on your own and have met with little or no success. You decide that you can benefit from an expert’s guidance.

You search for a doctor, hoping to find someone with experience who will care about you, someone who will listen, someone who won’t judge. You feel guarded and your walls are up, but you begin meeting with your doctor, unsure of how it will go. You are glad that you have begun the process, and realize two things:

  • With each session, it becomes easier to share personal information with this person who was once a stranger.
  • You see that there is “work” for you to do, and it may take some time, and tears may be involved.

At some point, you begin to feel like you are coping better, understanding the depth of your issue, instead of just skimming the surface. You look forward to your sessions, without the anxiety you had in the beginning, and enjoy the progress you are making. Along the way, you begin to feel hopeful about entering the next phase of your life.

It takes courage to seek help. To achieve success in therapy, finding the right fit with a therapist is very important. Now is a good time to begin, and I am here to help.